Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last Access Date Fix

In the windows explorer detail view you can sort your files by date created. Just click on the "Date Created" column heading.

Did you know you can also sort by date modified or date accessed?

Date modified is easy. Right click on any column heading in the detailed view of file explorer. Then add a check in the box next to "Date Modified". A new column will be added to your details view.

You might want to drag that column heading next to the "date Created" column.

Now finding a photo you cropped or tweaked a couple days ago is easy. Click the "Date Modified" column heading to sort the files, and it will be near the top of the list.

Now about finding a photo or document you loaded, but did not edit?
Right click a column heading. At the bottom of that list is "more", click it. Scroll down and locate "Date Accessed" and check it's box.

Now you don't have to edit a document or photo to have the date updated. Simply opening a photo or document will alter its "Date Accessed". Go ahead, Try it!

What! You say it doesn't work?

That is because Microsoft disabled the updateing last accessed date startin with windows 7.
You need to turn it back on.

1   Click or tap the windows button.
2   Type "command prompt"
3   Right click the Command Prompt Desktop App and select "Run as administrator"
4   At the prompt, type:
                                  fsutil behavior set DisableLastAccess 0
5   Press the enter key.
6    Close the command window.

Now, if you open a file and close it without modifying it. the Date Accessed column can be sorted to find the file.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Patriots day, the forgotten holiday.

On Patriots day I replaced my green lawn furniture with my American flag chair, inviting neighbors passing by to stop and chat. Many were surprised that it is a holiday. To my dismay, Google has removed it from the holiday calendar and has no google doodle on patriots day. Their excuse is that, in the past, many users found the flag to be offensive.