Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Patriots day, the forgotten holiday.

On Patriots day I replaced my green lawn furniture with my American flag chair, inviting neighbors passing by to stop and chat. Many were surprised that it is a holiday. To my dismay, Google has removed it from the holiday calendar and has no google doodle on patriots day. Their excuse is that, in the past, many users found the flag to be offensive.


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  2. I can't figure out why google would not have a google doodle for Patriot's Day or to remember those we lost. They have doodles for completely obscure things and neglect this monumental day? RIDICULOUS! Thank you for celebrating - we are celebrating here, too!

  3. I believe the original post refers to Patriots Day, the annual celebration of Paul Revere's ride, and the first battles of the American Revolution in Lexington and Concord.