Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Rendering Terry Redlin paintings in 3D

Is it even possible on a PC?

Best Friends
Best friends is a panoramic overview of several buildings, bridges and locations that can be found in other painting by America's favorite artist, Terry Redlin.

Would it be possible to draw his world in 3D?
Look at the barn, In it's simplest form it is just 4 walls and four roof panels with bitmap images stamped on them. Just 6 objects to render.

But what about the fence? Not just the one in the foreground. Look close and there are fences around all those fields. And telephone poles. And two dozen other buildings. But that is nothing compared to rendering the trees. Use Microsof't's 3D Paint app and download a realistic evergreen. How many pine needles are there on just one tree? I count over a hundred trees in just the "Best Friends" painting.

Terry created hundreds of paintings. These two show one homestead. One looks east while the other looks west. Perfect for creating 3D images.
Terry painted real places. Buildings in the background of one print show up in other prints.

While we can obviously create a video biography and fly a virtual drone through all his paintings, the question is, can this be done on a ordinary PC? I created a 3D image with two barns and a house. Then I rendered a video walkthrough at 30 fps for just 7 seconds. A modern quad core PC took 28-1/2 minutes to render this short video.

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